How Much Will The Owner of Trainual Pay New Employees to Quit?

You read that right. SaaS company Trainual offers new hires cash to quit after 2 weeks.

How much do they offer? And why? See Trivia Answer below to find out ⬇️

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🤔 Can I clear my cash flow data and start from scratch in Pulse?

Feeling the urge to clear your cash flow data in Pulse and start with a clean slate?

🙋 Yes, you can clear your cash flow in Pulse with one button.

It's simple. In Pulse, just click Billing (top right) and scroll down and click Need to clear your cash flow? Choose to clear your income data, expense data, or both.

Clearing your cash flow this way will not delete your income and expense categories. You can keep your Pulse account set up the way you like it while quickly removing old data to build new scenarios.

Note: If you'd like to export any data before clearing it, you can go to any Cash Flow view and click Export. You'll then choose the accounts and date range to include in your CSV export.

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Check out this video tutorial and written guide to get started on the path to cash flow clarity.

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The Pulse Team

The Pulse Team