How Much Revenue Did Facebook Lose Per Minute During Their Outage?

On October 4th, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram went down for multiple hours. Now that the smoke has cleared, experts have been able to estimate how much revenue Facebook lost during that outage.

Can you guess how much was lost per minute?

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Cash Flow ScenariosCash Flow Scenarios

2021 Business Advice Round Up

2021 is nearly over, and it's been a wild ride. From reopenings and global supply chain shortages, businesses have had to adapt their operations at a rapid pace.

Here's some timely advice from business owners and entrepreneurs:

Small Businesses Share Their 2021 Advice

Karl Alexander, Marketing Director for Crown Bees, and Marc Fishman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Call Center Sales Pro, weigh in on topics like:

  • What helps set their businesses apart?
  • What factor helped them to adapt during the pandemic?
  • How can businesses optimize remote work post-pandemic?

Black Female Small Business Owners Reveal Their Top Advice

Six CEOs provide their biggest lessons learned and pro advice from starting their own companies. There are several gems here, but a favorite comes from Deborah Clemons, founder of Infusion Blends:

"Find the money first, then start your business, I have been told. That is easier said than done for sure. It’s a Catch-22 when you need to show your business is a viable business to attract investors and acquire loans, but at the same time you need those resources to make your business viable."

Advice from a 17-Year Old CEO earning 6 Figures

Founder and CEO of Sienna Sauce Tyla-Simone Crayton developed her sauce at age 8 and began selling it at 14. Her chicken wing-style sauces are sold in over 70 retail stores across the U.S.

Tyla-Simone provides some insight into her success, including encouraging other business owners to:

  • Ask more questions
  • Find mentorship
  • Invest in customer feedback
  • Change when you need to

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